Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aug 31 – VZ Studios / News / Late Entries

I received a call around 9am from Ashley (assignment editor) at Fox 40 News – they wanted to run a story on the Brazieres For A Cure Project. We met up at the Van Zandbergen Photography Studios in Binghamton, NY with Kirk and Lesli. I invited several local participants to come and speak with the press – Judy Z, Cheryl M, Joyce P, Ruth M, and Sara D were able to attend. Crystal Lown and Kathleen from Encore Plus were also there.

Jessica Kadlub (weeknight 6 o'clock anchor and reporter) and video photographer from Fox 40 News stopped by and took photos and held interviews with myself, Kirk and Sara D. You can see the articles and videos on-line – they are still there (it is 9/22/09) but not sure how long they will remain.

Brassieres For a Cure - 8/31/2009
[Note, when the story first appeared, they had the correct spelling Brazieres, but the spell check elves ‘corrected’ it to Brassieres, sigh...]

Bras for Breast Cancer - 8/31/2009

Also, there were a few last minute entries that did not make it into the other photo collages, so they are included here. Now all 82 entries are represented.

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