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Brazieres For A Cure 2009 Poster

There is the limited edition commemorative 12x18-inch poster for Brazieres For A Cure 2009 that is available for $5 at the exhibition venues and Sew Many Quilts ( in Johnson City. All 82 entries are included in the poster. The photography was done by Kirk and Lesli Van Zandbergen ( of Binghamton and the layout was done by graphic designer Carol Grassi ( of Endicott. The printing for this poster was donated by United Health Services ( Additional printing services was provided by Dataflow, Inc. ( of Binghamton. Thank you everyone for all your support!

Here is a listing of all 82 the entries, in row order, left to right. Thank you to everyone who participated in this project!

Brazieres For A Cure 2009 – Poster Key

Row Number 1:
Brazieres For A Cure Logo (Green); #104 Anne Ainslie of Ithaca, NY – “Time for Reflection” – WINNER – Judges Choice (Gina Chapman); #48 Kristin Thompson of Ithaca, NY – “Bee Cup”; #92 Nancy D. Briggs of Endicott, NY – “Save the Puppies”; #66 Mary Roody of Port Crane, NY – “B-Cup”; #95 Rick DeMars of Vestal, NY – “How Cold Is It?”; #98 Ruth Manzer of Owego, NY – “Eyes On You”; #30 June Silberman of Ithaca, NY – “What a Rack!” [Upside down – oops!]; #75 Jean G. Hubsch of Bradford, NY – “C’mon Get Happy”; #80 Sara Delafield of Port Crane, NY – “You don’t have to camouflage the pain”; #43 Sally Dutko of Ithaca, NY – “The Obrama Support Package: Yes We Can!”; #19 Kelly Myers of Greene, NY – “Fluttering For A Cure”.

Row Number 2:
#57 Dianne M. Kull of Cooperstown, NY – “Hands-on Health Care”; #90 Kathleen Ingalls of Hancock, NY – “Words to Live By”; #83 Patricia Ann Cummings of Endwell, NY – “Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away Home ...” – WINNER – Best Use of Embellishment; #58 Lee Robbins, M.D. – Flying Tortoise Studio of Hartwick, NY – “Fields of Susan”; #46 Deborah Naftel of Ithaca, NY – “Thing 1 and Thing 2” – WINNER – Most Humorous; #3 Maxine H. Rosenberg of Conklin, NY – “Cure”; #54 William Schaeffer of Fly Creek, NY – “Victorian Secret”; #5 Jeannie King of Endicott, NY – “For Debbie”; #55 Jennifer Victory of Cooperstown, NY – “Jenny’s Crazy Lump” or “Behind the Eight Ball”; #61 Susan A. McCann of Johnson City, NY – “Las Vegas or Bust!”; #44 Nora Manchester of Pine City, NY – “Bodacious Lady”; #69 Roslyn P. Smith of Brockport, NY – “Bells, Beads, Bows, Buttons & Blessings”.

Row Number 3:
#51 Judith Curry of Hartwick, NY – “Kerry’s Dance”; #8 Mary Caro of Johnson City, NY – “Wow Zia Pink Diva”; #59 Caitlin and Susan Miosek of Cooperstown, NY – “Natural Woman”; #1 Barbara Sanford of Binghamton, NY – “Flower Power” – WINNER – Judges Choice (Sharon Stroud); #82 Helen Parry of Binghamton, NY – “Razzle Dazzle”; #9 RenĂ©e Gaylord of Newark Valley, NY – “My Stars”; #105 Venessa Budetti of Newburgh, NY – “The Flowers Left Behind”; #33 Mitzi and Stephen Jones of Ithaca, NY – “Don’t Gamble with your Life” – WINNER – Judges Choice (Lorry Chwazik); #16 Jean Lyon of Cooperstown, NY – “Push My Buttons”; #13 Emily B. Goodrich of Montrose, PA – “La Zee-Bra”; #100 Louise A. Tiemann of Vestal, NY – “Brick-a-Brack Bra”; #85 Diana Tillotson of Endicott, NY – “My Summer Garden”.

Row Number 4:
#60 Diane Yuhas of Central Bridge, NY – “Miami”; #72 Giuliana Calderone of Horseheads, NY – “Fruitcups”; #24 Tamara Burger of Binghamton, NY – “Please Squeeze the Melons – Have Your Mammogram”; #37 Kathy S. Carman of Ithaca, NY – “Profundities”; #74 Jacque Paltrineri of Gillett, PA – “Hang in There”; #32 Ruth A. White of Ithaca, NY – “Chemo kills Cancer the Crab Nebula”; #20 Barbara Hall of Endwell, NY – “Blooming Time”; #18 Linda J. Anesi of Halstead, PA – “Butterflies are Free ... (Why can’t folks with cancer be?)”; #49 Maureen Jakubson of Ithaca, NY – “Connected”; #23 Dale A. Smith of Vestal, NY – “Mardi Bras”; #10 Sue Phillips of Binghamton, NY – “Simply Believe”; #89 Joyce Paulsen of Johnson City, NY – “Boobies Make Me Smile”.

Row Number 5:
#29 Carol K. Boyer of Syracuse, NY – “Lady Boobs”; #25 Mary Caro of Johnson City, NY – “In memory of Aunt Dot”; #14 Judy A. Zurenda of Binghamton, NY – “Lilacs for Mom” – WINNER – Best Use of Color; #86 Susan Ritner of Johnson City, NY – “Mardi Gras”; #22 Estie Mowry of Owego, NY – “Fight Like A Girl” – WINNER – Most Effective Breast Cancer Message; #53 Patricia Spencer of Cooperstown, NY – “Candy Cane Follies”; #84 Cynthia Warren Rangel of Binghamton, NY – “It is all how you look at it.”; #56 Maureen Haralabatos of Milford, NY – “Red Hot Mama”; #45 Felicia von Hagn of Elmira, NY – “Breast Cancer is No Day at the Beach”; #52 Wendy Reich of Cherry Valley Glass Works – “Glimmerglass Goddess”; #4 Rebecca Loughren & Doris Cronk of Endicott, NY – “Buttons & Bows 4 Boobies”; #17 Elizabeth Starks of Hallstead, PA – “My Pets” i.e. “Titty Kitties”.

Row Number 6:
#15 Kay Bautz of Afton, NY – “Home for Christmas”; #38 Tierney Barden of Cortland, NY - “Heart of Gold”; #11 Cheryl Miller of Marathon, NY – “Blooming with Health”; #76 Kim L. Chase-Decker of Vestal, NY – “I Believe I Can Fly”; #35 Marcie Wyant and Kathy Taylor of Ithaca, NY - “Make Life a Picnic”; #91 JoAnne Hanrahan of Binghamton, NY – “Home Along the Creek”; #39 Pamela L. Broe of Little Meadows, PA – “You Gotta Know When to Hold ’em”; #2 Judy Hoeffliger of Ozark, MO and Becky Meskill of Bella Vista, AK – “Power of Pink / Friendship”; #50 Suzanne Broderick of Ithaca, NY – “Caws for a Cure”; #78 Doreen Spoor of Binghamton, NY – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”; #102 Cindy Dunlap of Endicott, NY – “Training Bra Making Tracks For A Cure”; #79 Vivian Perkins of Endicott, NY – “Daisies and Pink Ribbons for a Cure”.

Row Number 7:
#96 April F. Bump of Binghamton, NY – “Some Like It Hot!”; #40 Karen Becker Milligan of Ithaca, NY – “Blue-footed Boobie” – WINNER – Most Innovative; #27 Betsy Young of Homer, NY – “Eye on a Cure”; #97 Jane Gaffney of Conklin, NY – “My Challenge”; #87 Marcia Lorraine of Endicott, NY – “Breast Cancer is a Crime”; #68 Lydia Lynn of Big Flats, NY – “I Felt My Boobies”; #99 Lori Mai Shapley of Lexington, KY – “What’s in a word?”; #31 Linda Van Nederynen of Ithaca, NY – “A Nice Pear”; #81 Lee Ann Adolf of Endwell, NY – “Got Milk”; #26 Aafke Swart Steenhuis of Ithaca, NY – “Wired”; #42 Cheryl Moore of Brooktondale, NY – “The Faces of Breast Cancer”; Brazieres For A Cure Logo (Orange).

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