Monday, August 31, 2009

Brazieres For A Cure on Fox 40 News

Greetings, this morning Ashley from Fox 40 News in Binghamton called to see if they could interview me and other participants, and possibly see some of the entries for Brazieres For A Cure for their evening news program at 6pm. Since all the brazieres were down at the Van Zandbergen Photography studio, we all met there at 1:00.

Kirk and Lesli were busy photographing when I arrived. Sew Many Quilts owner and participant, Joyce Paulsen was there, along with Judy Zurenda and Cheryl Miller of the Broome County Offices, both of them had made entries. Crystal Lown, program coordinator for Encore Plus and her assistant Kathleen came by also. Sara Delafield and Ruth Manzer from the UHS Stay Healthy offices (Oakdale Mall near Sears) and participants stopped by too.

It was fun to see them look at all the brazieres sorted out on the floor, hanging from rods, stored in bins and being photographed. Most of them had not see all the entries before.

Lesli and Kirk have been working with graphic artist Carol Grassi to have a posted made f all the entries. I will have more on that as things get firmed up.

The Fox News 40 at 6pm aired - and there we were! You can read the text and see the video shown at their web site: under the title Brazieres For A Cure.

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