Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Judging - Sew Many Brazieres!

The judges - Gina Chapman, Sharon Stroud and Lorry Chwazik holding up the ribbons, and during the judging. Afterwards, I held up my entry - dedicated to "Etta" Kania and Ann Dinoff - the whole reason I started this project. Lorry posted a couple of photos, under the judging tag, at her website

The winners will be announced on September 4th here on the blog. The ribbons will be on display during the exhibition, along with the winning entries. After the Auction and Closing Reception (November 6th at the Binghamton YWCA), the winners will get their ribbons and awards. The groups, businesses that donated the awards are listed in a previous blog entry, and will be updated as donations are made.

The entries are now at the photographers - my son Isaac and I brought them down to Kirk and Lesli of Van Zandbergen Photography in Binghamton ( earlier today.

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