Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#100 "Brick-a-Brack Bra"

#100 Louise A. Tiemann of Vestal, NY

“Brick-a-Brack Bra”

Embellishments & Techniques: Made in loving memory of “Etta” J. Kania (1934 – 2000) and Ann E. Dinoff (1932 – 2001). Hand sewn and beaded, made with scraps of fabric given to me by my friends Therese Cingranelli and Nancy Michael – and my stash. A batik fabric with star motifs was the inspiration for the center medallion. Much of the braided trim was given to me by my aunt Lydia Lynn. Other trims, beaded fringe, beads and butterflies were purchased from JoAnn Fabrics, where I work part-time.

Artist’s Statement: Thank you for supporting Brazieres For A Cure, A Breast Cancer Awareness Project. This project was done to honor two very special women, mothers of my dear friends Kathy Kania, Annette (Kania) Rotthoff and Adrianne (Dinoff) Storti: “Etta” J. Kania and Ann Dinoff.

Etta was a very vibrant woman who always had a smile. She was an avid skier and was well known for her cooking. One of my fondest memories is making gnocchi at her house with her daughters Kathy and Annette. After a courageous battle with cancer, she passed away at her home on October 1, 2000. She was only 66.

Ann was a special lady. She was the mother of co-worker, office mate and friend Adrianne. Ann worked at IBM for many years. She was the one I called when they found a lump in my left breast in 1996. She helped me through a very difficult waiting period. Luckily for me, it was not cancer. Ann loved to collect antiques and her house was filled to the brim with her finds – it was like stepping into a museum every time I went there. After a 10 year battle with cancer, Ann passed away in her home on June 10, 2001. She was only 69.

Both of these women were friends, wives, mothers, and sisters, and are greatly missed by those they left behind.

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