Monday, November 2, 2009

#45 "Breast Cancer is No Day at the Beach"

#45 Felicia von Hagn of Elmira, NY

“Breast Cancer is No Day at the Beach”

Embellishments & Technique: Ocean blue fabric dye, navy blue and light blue fabric, paint, sea life beads, shells, plastic baggies containing water (made with food saver), sequin trim, dolphin and fish stickers.

[The water leaked so we had to drain and dry in order to exhibit.]

Artist’s Statement: With today’s skimpy fashions, it is understandably uncomfortable for women who have had breast cancer surgery and radiation to go to the beach. My theme reflects no only the fashion challenges, but also the extreme difficulties faced by women with breast cancer. I would like to dedicate my bra to my high school home-ec teacher, Mrs. Gill. She suffered a mastectomy and was brave enough to tell her story to a bunch of high school kids. Her experience was the first I had ever heard of first hand. She just wanted to get the message out to us so we would be aware for ourselves and our loved ones. Unfortunately, Mrs. Gill had a reoccurrence of the cancer and it took her life a few years later. I would also like to honor the memory of my mom who succumbed to multiple myeloma five years ago.

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