Monday, November 2, 2009

#13 "La Zee-Bra"

#13 Emily B. Goodrich of Montrose, PA

“La Zee-Bra”

Embellishments & Techniques: Self-stick “gems”, sequin braid, tassels, Breast Cancer Awareness pin, pink silk rose buds, beaded trim, and lined with pink ribbon fabric. Zebra stripes painted on with dye then glitter glue, with the exception of the pin, which is glued. Pink ribbons were rubber stamped between the zebra lines. The entire project is hand sewn. Inside dedicated to friends and family who have had Breast Cancer.

Artist’s Statement: I am hoping La Zee-Bra will make people chuckle and be different enough so that its message will remain with them – That is to “read between the lines – Be Aware, very aware of Breast Cancer and take all precautions to keep yourself in good health. Self examine and get your mammogram regularly. Support Breast Cancer Awareness Projects. Be Aware, Be Aware, Zee-Bra on display! Read between the lines!

[Fellow guild member Donna Ciccarino was unable to participate due to illness – Emily stepped up to complete her entry – Thank you Emily!]

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