Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#98 "Eyes On You"

#98 Ruth Manzer of Owego, NY

“Eyes On You”

Embellishments & Techniques: Sewed on lace from wedding dresses I have made, bowls in cups as surgical specimen bowls, facial tissues to stuff, batting to make it look more natural, pin from a project I did to get people screened, stethoscopes from my last position, surgical scissors, and fake eyelashes.

Artist’s Statement: Eyes on You: I have said to my patients I am going to keep an eye on you, I have heard other medical professions say the same. People with cancer must follow up with care for life. They feel sometimes their bodies are not their own. The cup lining is to represent the comfort I want to bring them. The fake eyelashes represent the attempts to look and feel normal as chemo takes away the hair. The lace from the wedding gowns represents new beginnings – the new normal moving on with life. The pin is to remind people to get their screening done. The eyes are my medical eyes caring for you.

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