Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#58 "Fields of Susan"

#58 Lee Robbins, M.D. – Flying Tortoise Studio of Hartwick, NY

“Fields of Susan”

Embellishments & Techniques: Oil on kitakata Japanese paper monoprint laminated with epoxy resin to a copper frame, Mica set in caulk with dried black-eyed susan flowers, Acrylic paint – micaceous violet pigment, 2 coats of epoxy, and 7 coats of lacquer. The hanger: spring steel, copper ribbon, and brass with aluminum. The top loop: rotates 180° - forged steel, brazed, and forged copper pipe.

Artist’s Statement: Susan Komen for the cure. Fields of Susan relates to the invigorating renewal of nature as a force to overcome. I recently experienced a course of breast cancer in a long time friend. The uncertainties in a course of illness are mirrored in the translucence of the painting, heart, love and real nature – transmuted through the artist and back again.

The artist is a transformative conduit for the energy of the universe through culture, breathing life into the inorganic. It is my study of entropy, of nature’s reclamation. Concrete influences in my art are the tropical landscape and the human condition, explored from sub-cellular histological patterns to internalization of the energy of over 150,000 confidential patient encounters in the ER. Biology and chemical experimentation with media over forty years provide the tools.

Visual music, animated vegetation, arils, sepals, and leaves, as sunlight is transmuted to electricity, nature’s energy becomes color and pattern. Plant morphology and the human body emerge transformed through my art into images, cast resin and forged steel.

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