Monday, November 2, 2009

#33 "Don't Gamble With Your Life"

#33 Mitzi and Stephen Jones of Ithaca, NY

“Don’t Gamble with your Life”

WINNER – Judges Choice (Lorry Chwazik)

Embellishments & Technique: Felt for hand, bra dyed with kelly-green Rit dye, poker chips, dominos and dice drilled through. All embellishments attached with regular thread. Plastic stars attached to straps. Commercial braid attached to bottom of bra. Breast cancer fabric glued to back of cards and laminated.

Artist’s Statement: Many women are unable or reluctant to have mammograms done. I want to encourage women to take charge of their bodies by having mammograms done as a screening tool. All materials are recycled. Nothing was purchased for this very green project!

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