Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#87 "Breast Cancer is a Crime"

#87 Marcia Lorraine of Endicott, NY

“Breast Cancer is a Crime”

Embellishments & Techniques: Fabric paint, fabric glued and sewn to bra, scrap book “vignettes” glued to make two scenes – crime and lab.

Artist’s Statement: My inspiration for “Breast Cancer is a Crime” came from my favorite crime shows on TV – CSI: Miami, NCIS, Law & Order and others. In those shows there is the scene of the crime, where technicians log and collect evidence such as, dead body, weapon, blood, tire tracks, etc. The second scene is the crime lab, where technicians analyze the evidence and arrest the perpetrator. Both of these scenes can relate to breast cancer ... the scene being blood, biopsies, x-rays, etc. and these are analyzed in the lab ... ultimately ending with a cure. This is dedicated to my friend Laurie Laskowski.

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