Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#68 "I Felt My Boobies"

#68 Lydia Lynn of Big Flats, NY

“I Felt My Boobies”

Embellishments & Techniques: Hand dyed sheep wool, wet and needle felted, hand dyed and hand spun yarn – for knitting and sewing, seed beads, plastic beads, fabric glue. I covered 2 balloons with layers of raw wool which had been hand dyed several shades of pink. Wet felting with dish soap and hot water. Needle felting with barbed felting needles.

After wet felting, I cut the pink felt off the balloons and fitted the resulting hemispheres into and over the cups of the bra. Another flat piece of felt was used to cover the sides and back. Hand spun yarn was used to knit-in-the-round to cover the straps. White wool batt was used to make the hands.

Artist’s Statement: My fiber arts guild is promoting felt making this year, so I wanted to try our techniques on this project. Since “felt” is also the past tense of “feel”, as in – “feel your boobies” – I could not resist the pun! So, the felt hands are feeling the boobies.

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