Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#69 "Bells, Beads, Bows, Buttons & Blessings"

#69 Roslyn P. Smith of Brockport, NY

“Bells, Beads, Bows, Buttons & Blessings”

Embellishments & Techniques: I embroidered the bows and words, sewed on a mixture of buttons, beads and bells, and added medals for blessings. Added already strung beads for the lower trim. All done by hand.

Artist’s Statement: I dedicate this artwork to my dear friend Ann North. Ann was the first person that I know who went through cancer surgery and treatment. She will always be my hero. She was so upbeat through her battle, always joking, laughing and being a true hero. I decorated this bra with her in my heart!

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