Monday, November 2, 2009

#11 "Blooming With Health"

#11 Cheryl Miller of Marathon, NY

“Blooming with Health”

Embellishments & Techniques: I tried to use as much recycled and repurposed materials as possible. The wool is recycled clothing given to me by a friend. Many of the buttons were cut off old clothing by my grandmother and given to me by her. Some I cut off shirts I intend to turn into rugs. The wool was hooked on burlap and the bra embellished with buttons.

Artist’s Statement: When I first signed up to take part in this project, I made the comment that I was grateful to not know anyone with breast cancer to dedicate this bra to. How things can change! Only a few weeks ago, my dear friend and coworker was diagnosed, and is now in a battle to save her life. Her cancer was found one year after her last mammogram and she wishes to spread the word about regular appointments. This bra is dedicated to you Becky and I hope you are soon blooming with health!

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