Monday, November 2, 2009

#55 "Jenny's Crazy Lump"

#55 Jennifer Victory of Cooperstown, NY

“Jenny’s Crazy Lump” or “Behind the Eight Ball”

Embellishments & Techniques: Rit fabric dye – scarlet, hand appliqué, embroidery, beaded braid, red decorative braid and a handmade porcelain pin.

Artist’s Statement: This very strange looking bra was inspired by my dear high school friend, Jenny, who was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 1. Jenny and I share the same name and birthday, and have been birthday buddies since we were 15 years old. Hearing she had breast cancer was a real blow. In classic Jenny style, she set up a blog to keep everyone up to date and to share her musing on her adventures in breast cancer:

The blog entry that inspired this design was titled “Behind the Eight Ball”. It was written the night before her first appointment with the breast surgeon and she was definitely feeling “behind the eight ball” – new patient paperwork not completed, educational reading not completed, medication list not done, questions not written down. [Image from ]

Jenny entertained herself and procrastinated by having an imaginary exchange with the secretary from the breast care clinic:

“Dear Jenny ... so sorry to hear about your lump.

I wonder what you look like?

I think you look like this.

Love, The Swedish Breast Care Center Admin.

ps. Can we be pen-pals?”

“And you know what? I think I’m going to start

imagining I do look like this. In fact, I may want

to come back from surgery looking like her. You

people won’t even recognize me! I’m starting over! Or maybe I’ll get this

tattoo except without the ‘Bad Luck’. Maybe ‘Marginally Ok Luck’ or ‘Good

Luck Overall, Just Some Big 8-Ball Problems Right Now’.”

So, here’s to Jenny’s Eight Ball Girl – note the gold star, which represents Jenny’s Crazy Lump. Note also that it is a removable pin and not sewn permanently to the bra. Jenny’s surgery was July 30 – Good Bye, Lump!

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