Monday, November 2, 2009

#14 "Lilacs For Mom"

#14 Judy A. Zurenda of Binghamton, NY

“Lilacs for Mom”

WINNER – Best Use of Color

Embellishments & Technique: Bra dyed in beet juice (Mom always pickled beets every year). Many hours of needle felting by hand, using wool from Lisa Merian’s Corriedale sheep. All embellishments on side of bra are from “Mom’s Stash”. The pink ribbon charm on the front of the bra is from Mom’s keychain. Lined with pink flannel – just like that used for the jammies Mom used to make.

Artist’s Statement: “Lilacs for Mom” was created in memory of my mom, Nellie Shapley, a courageous two-time survivor of breast cancer and other health maladies. The testimony of her life resonates strongly as she taught me to appreciate and cherish all that I have. Living richly has nothing to do with dollar signs.

Mom’s favorite flower was lilacs. However, she was the first to admit that she was not born with a “green thumb” – not even close. Instead, God graced her with creativity and a “helping hand”. Many were blessed as the recipients of her handiwork over the years, a much needed item from her “recycling room” (way ahead of her time), patience as she shared her know-how with a new craft, or sometimes simply a listening ear and a ready smile.

I recently visited the spot where her lilac bush stood barren over the years – and this spring I was delighted and amazed to discover three blossoms emerging from the long forgotten woody shrub. I paused and took in the heavenly scent and lost myself in gratitude. Thank you Mom – your life still permeates my life and that of my two sisters. Your legacy continues to waft through our days – sweeter than ever – priceless.

Thank you, Mom ... these lilacs are for you!

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