Monday, November 2, 2009

#46 "Thing 1 and Thing 2"

#46 Deborah Naftel of Ithaca, NY

“Thing 1 and Thing 2”

WINNER – Most Humorous

Embellishments & Technique: Fur boa, animal toy eyes, felt, fusible (Heat-n-Bond), cotton fabrics and a touch of paint. I glued the face features and hair. I machine stitched and also hand tacked fabric to the bra. I had to add new elastic band where you attach a strap, if you don’t wear it as a strapless bra.

Artist’s Statement: “The memories of reading The Cat In The Hat and what it has taught me.” I remember as a child reading The Cat In The Hat and loving it. I remember it being fun to read; making it fun to learn. When I had my own children and I felt they were ready, I bought them The Cat In The Hat book as well as other Dr. Seuss books. My children loved it when I read those books to them and I was overjoyed when they learned to read them to me. This book will always bring back memories of fun reading as a child and as a parent. Reading The Cat In The Hat and other Dr. Seuss’s books has instilled in me that sitting down with a good book can take you away to a different place – a fun place. A bit of nonsense and fun can take you away from the pain and anxiety of breast cancer.

In memory of two aunts, a grandma, and my friend Kim’s aunt who passed from breast cancer: Catherine, Barbra, Edna, and Madeline. Also in memory of Sheila’s mom and aunt: Marion and Phyllis.

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