Monday, November 2, 2009

#19 "Fluttering For A Cure"

#19 Kelly Myers of Greene, NY

“Fluttering For A Cure”

Embellishments & Techniques: Sulky thread 40, Mettler 40, Sulky Tear-Easy heavy weight tear-way stabilizer, Dream Quilter’s batting, DMC satin embroidery thread and batik fabric. Free hand design, using the book “The Ultimate Design Source for Crafters”, containing Japanese and Classic Border Design, with a few changes. Free-hand sewing by hand, and by machine for satin stitch.

Artist’s Statement: Dedicated to all healthcare workers. They take care of the ill while also dealing with the illness themselves, or a family member. My inspiration was seeing butterflies that appear very fragile and yet are strong. The color was chosen by a friend who helped and encouraged me along the way. Thanks Lisa.

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