Monday, November 2, 2009

#38 "Heart of Gold"

#38 Tierney Barden of Cortland, NY

“Heart of Gold”

Embellishments & Technique: Vintage gold threads, a variety (Heart of Gold flower, veins, stems, “stitches”), my hand dyed velvet (straps), cotton fabrics, velvet leaves, metal ribbons and beads. Aside from the darts, this entire piece was hand sewn. After the front, straps and back band were covered with fabric, I couched the vintage gold “Heart” Flower and vine work. Velvet leaves, hand-formed metal ribbon flowers and beads were sewn in place. I stitched gold “sutures” on black leaves. I couched fine gold stems. I formed and stitched in place the Vast-Black-Hole lining. My final step was making the dedication label and sewing it into place. I enjoyed every moment creating this piece. What a meaningful journey.

Artist’s Statement: “Heart of Gold” is dedicated to Nancy Olp, breast cancer survivor since 1983. Nancy is a champion of making, doing, giving, living and loving. When I was young, Nancy let me sew on her machine, and has supported my creativity ever since.

We can do all the things we’re told in order to lead a healthy life, but ultimately there are things lurking below the surface that we can’t always control or even see, waiting to become our next great challenge. How will we face it? How will we fight it? – With velvety softness, with threads of strength, with dapples of color and twinkling sparkles of love, and by sharing the riches of life.

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