Monday, November 2, 2009

#29 "Lady Boobs"

#29 Carol K. Boyer of Syracuse, NY

“Lady Boobs”

Embellishments & Techniques: The bra has been covered with fabric on the cups. Then these were beaded and sequined to create the lady bugs. Button eyes were added as were the antennae. The sides and back were dye painted with green then ivy leaves were added. A few seed beads to represent dew were stitched on to complete the project.

Artist’s Statement: I get a great deal of joy and delight manipulating fabric. I like to look at one thing and consider the possibilities of changing and adding to it so that I come up with a new work, I also like playing with ideas and searching for more than one solution to a problem. This altered bra project really fed into my way of thinking. The breast cancer is close to me as my mother died from Breast Cancer in 1999.

The ideas for my works generally come from nature. I just play with the idea for a while before I begin work. I often end up at a point I did not see when I started. This project really got going for me at a Women’s Creative Retreat in Seneca Falls in April. I worked on the beading every night while I was there and then quickly finished the project when I returned home.

I am trying to use the materials on hand and look for objects and materials that others consider to be “Non Art Forms” to expand my personal vision. I choose to keep growing as an artist and want to share my ideas and visions with others.

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